4 Benefits of A Puzzle Stool For Toddlers

We've all been there—you're trying to get your child to do their homework, and they're just not having it. They're distracted, and you can tell that the last thing on their mind is their math worksheet.

So what do you do?

Well, you don't have to buy them candy or bribe them with video games. But what if we told you there’s actually a better way?

Giving your child a puzzle stool can have a vast amount of positive benefits on both their mental and physical development. Below are 4 of the benefits children can experience by owning and playing with their children’s puzzle stool.

1. Better Motor Skills

In addition to being fun, this kind of activity helps kids develop crucial skills like hand-eye coordination and problem solving. And because it's so engaging (and fun), kids are less likely to get distracted by other things around them—like TV—which means they're more likely to actually focus on what they need to do instead of getting side-tracked by something else.

2. Improvement in Focus

In addition to motor skills and hand-eye coordination, puzzle stools create a better sense of focus. During the early stages of mental development, handling and analyzing puzzle stool pieces allow your child to identify and sharpen critical skills they’ll use as they get older.

When your child picks up the puzzle pieces from their stool, it naturally helps their hand-eye coordination and sense of touch. But, as they feel the puzzle piece in their hand and analyze where it might fit on the stool bench, they’re also developing the beginning stages of problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking.

3. Sharper Cognitive Function

In addition to problem-solving, analyzing the letters of their puzzle stool will also improve your child’s cognitive brain function. As they repeatedly pick up the puzzle pieces, feel them in their hands, and compare them to the puzzle bench, they’ll start to notice patterns.

Eventually, they’ll learn to place the puzzle pieces in the right spot. They’ll also gain an understanding of how “parts” fit into a larger “whole” as they twist and turn the pieces to get them to fit into the puzzle slots the right way. Continuing to complete the puzzle over and over again as time goes on also helps hone and improve your child’s cognitive recall, too.

4. Deeper Emotional Intelligence

Overcoming challenges is at the core of your child playing and interacting with their puzzle stool. They’ll experience the whole range of emotions from frustration to joy as they work to finally fit all of the pieces into their correct places. The feeling of joy and accomplishment they’ll experience when they complete their puzzle the first time is so important for their development. It’s something they will take with them for the rest of their lives – whether they know it or not.

Set Your Child Up For Success

See? Who knew the gift of a name puzzle stool could do so much for your child’s development? Truthfully, the skills your little one learns from using their puzzle stool are irreplaceable.

At Craft Carve, we realize the importance of challenging your kids with high-quality toys that challenge them to grow. For that reason, we build our stools to last so your child can develop their mental, physical, and emotional skills. Then, when they’re all grown up, they can pass their stool on to their own kids and do the same for them.

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