Your Go-To Buying Guide for Puzzle Stools

As parents, we need the puzzle stools we buy to do more than just entertain. Sure, the puzzle component is a great feature, but we need a product that’s functional and safe as well.

With so many stools – puzzle stools and standard – available on the market, the choices can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is to choose a stool for your child and end up having buyer’s remorse or, even worse, a defect in the stool leads to an accident. Doing your research before you buy new puzzle stools goes a long way toward preventing any of these things from happening.

Use this blog as your research guide when purchasing a stool for your child. We’ll outline what you should be looking for when shopping and outline other concerns you need to consider. So, read on and let’s help you find a stool you and your child can bothbe happy with for years to come.

Construction Material for Puzzle Stools

The first factor you should consider is the material the manufacturer uses to assemble their puzzle stools. Across the industry, there are generally four construction materials most companies use. They are the following:

  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass stools are a lightweight option your kids can easily handle. These stools are just as durable, if not more durable, than plastic options. However, much like plastic, you’ll need to research the quality of fiberglass used to ensure the stool is safe for your family.
  • Plastic. Being the most lightweight material, this is the easiest option for children to handle. If you choose a plastic stool, you’ll want to dig deeper and ensure it’s a high-quality plastic material. Lower quality materials may compromise the stool’s safety.
  • Manufactured Wood. Companies like manufactured or engineered wood because it’s versatile. Manufacturers can swap out engineered wood components to make stools in a variety of forms that children enjoy.
  • Traditional Wood. Although heavier, real wood generates the highest-quality product. It’s the most stable from a safety standpoint and often lasts the longest. Additionally, many lightweight wood options are available today to make handling the stool easier for your child.

At Craft Carve, we choose use high-quality, real, traditional wood for our puzzle stools. It’s the only material we trust to craft high quality stools that can last long enough to be passed down across generations.

Consider The Stool’s Weight

Part of the reason construction materials are so important is because of how they affect the overall weight of the stool. Stools of different weights may come in handy for different scenarios. Ultimately, it comes down to how you plan on using the stool and whether your child can comfortably handle it or not.

As your child grows and becomes more independent, they’re going to want to grab and use their stool themselves. Ensuring the stool you choose is light enough to do this allows the stool to be used the way it was intended – as a physical tool, but also as a way to nurture your child’s motor and mental skill development.

Surface Traction

You’ll want to make sure whichever stool you end up choosing has surface traction so your child doesn’t slip. If you opt for a plastic or fiberglass model, there may be an adhesive non-slip pad attached to the stool’s bench.

When it comes to wooden stools, they have their own texture that provides “grip” for your children’s feet. They can stand on these stools barefoot or in socks and not slip.

It’s Decision Time

There you have it! Those are our main criteria to consider when buying puzzle stools or traditional stools for your child. Take these factors into account and you’ll wind up taking home a stool that makes your child happy, but also gives you peace of mind as a parent.

If you have any questions beyond what we’ve covered here, contact the Craft Carve team at any time. We’re more than happy to help and we’ve been in this industry long enough to answer any questions you have – about our products or stools in general.

Thanks for reading and being part of the Craft Carve family.

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