Craft Carve vs. Hajack: A comparison of puzzle stools for babies

Hajack, much like Craft Carve, is in the business of creating high-quality children’s stools. As you conduct your research when buying a stool for your own children, you’ll eventually be faced with choosing between Craft Carve or Hajack as they’re two notable names in the industry.

Use the comparison guide below to help you choose the best puzzle stool for babies as you shop for your family.  


Hajack’s wooden stool features two-steps with grip tape on each level. Their unique advantage over other products within the industry is that they make their stools from wood, not a cheaper material like composite plastic or medium density fiberboard (MDF).

While Hajack’s stool may seem sturdy enough, it’s also mass-produced. Stools made off an assembly line generally come with oversights and imperfections. You may think you’re getting a safe stool, but an imperfection in the wrong place can drastically change the strength and safety of the stool.

The most glaring difference in features from Hajack to Craft Carve is the puzzle bench. While Hajack provides a quality stool, their stool doesn’t contain a puzzle. It’s purely functional, so parents who purchase this option aren’t getting the mental and motor skill benefits the puzzle bench provides.

Craft Carve stools are also built-to-order. Not only does this ensure attention to detail, but it also means our team has time to hand-select the very best materials and inspect each stool for quality and safety.


Hajack’s product is very straightforward. It is what it is. Their stool has two steps and two handles, and only comes in a natural wood finish. That is by no means a knock on their product, but it doesn’t leave any opportunity for customization.

Craft Carve provides parents several options to customize their stool. Our customers can pick from multiple finishes and choose their child’s favorite silhouette shape for the stool’s legs. You can also customize your stool’s puzzle bench with up to 2 names of 8 letters or less.


Parents can purchase a Hajack stool for under $50. But, with stools in this price range, you’re getting what you pay for. These stools do the job, but you may wind up replacing it sooner rather than later.

Craft Carve stools are available for $115. On the surface, it may seem more “expensive” than Hajack products, but you’re buying much more than a stool.

We go out of our way to build stools that last here at Craft Carve. So, while you may be paying a higher price, you’re getting higher quality and something that you and your child can use to create memories for years to come. In fact, our stools are built so well that they can easily be passed down to your children’s children when the time comes.

The Choice is Yours

There are a lot of choices when choosing a puzzle stool for babies. Regardless of whether you choose a Craft Carve puzzle stool or not, we understand that the options can be overwhelming. Our hope is the information in this guide can help make your decision easier.

If you’re ready to start customizing a puzzle stool for the child in your life, or if you have any questions, contact the Craft Carve team today.

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