CraftCarve vs. SkipHop: Why an Artisan Puzzle Stool Is Better

As parents, the amount of choices we have when it comes to clothes, tools, and toys for our kids can be overwhelming. We want what’s best for our little ones so, naturally, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of endless research. But, when it comes down to purchasing the right children’s stool for your toddler, CraftCarve is here to help.

To make your job easier, our team has decided to dive in and do the research for you. We’re putting our artisan puzzle stools head-to-head against the best in the industry so you have all the answers you need in one tidy, simple location.

This particular guide is an in-depth comparison of CraftCarve vs. SkipHop.

Let’s get started.


Many parents like the SkipHop stool for its foldable design. The stool consists of two stairs and, when compact, can fit easily into most places.

While this is a plus, the stool itself is plastic. And, even though they’re quite functional, the area of the stool that hinges for folding tends to pinch toddlers that use the stool.

Some parents worry about the sturdiness and safety of the stool bench, as well. When children step on the stool, it tends to be somewhat flimsy. It may hold up to the weight of your child, but seeing the stool bench flex and bend as they climb up on it isn’t the most reassuring sight in the world.

CraftCarve’s artisan puzzle stools are made of high-quality wood. Not only do you know your child’s stool will last a lifetime, but you can also take comfort in knowing there are no flimsy materials that can buckle or break as your child tries to use the stool.

You’ll also get the additional benefit of our unique, handcrafted name puzzle inlaid into the stool bench. Sure, the puzzle looks fun and has brightly-colored letters that are sure to impress your child. But, there’s much more to it than that.

The puzzle will play an important role in your child’s physical and emotional development. Puzzles are great to develop childrens’ motor skills, problem solving, confidence, and much more.


The SkipHop collapsible stool comes in two options, small and large. The stool’s large version gives customers about 3 inches of extra width and 2.5 inches of height compared to the small version.

With CraftCarve, parents have many more options. Since we offer artisan puzzle stools, we involve our customers in the building process.

Our customers can choose from 5 different finishes for the wood that forms our stools. You’ll also have the ability to choose from a variety of colors for your child’s puzzle letters, as well as your choice of 12 custom silhouette “cut-outs” for the legs.


At $21.99, the SkipHop stool’s price is well below the price point for CraftCarve stools. But, if you have to go through 4 or 5 of these stools throughout the life of your children, the picture becomes very different.

The average price of a CraftCarve stool is $127.75, but there’s no match for the quality of stool that you’re getting. Every stool is made-to-order and not mass-produced on an assembly line, or poured into a plastics mold at some factory.

The care and love we have for our own children goes into every stool we make. Is that worth the difference in price? We’re not ones to “toot our own horn,” but many parents think so.

Artisan Puzzle Stools Reign Supreme

We hope the information in this guide helps makes your stepstool shopping decision that much easier. It’s true there are cheaper options out there but, like most things in life, “you get what you pay for” when it comes to the stools your children need to use everyday.

CraftCarve’s artisan puzzle stools offer something that gets the job done everyday, but will also be part of the memories you make with your family. For more information, and to learn how you can get started, contact the CraftCarve team today.

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