The Journey of How to Make a Name Puzzle Stool That Lasts

Back in 2014, Craft Carve was just an idea. We didn’t even know how to make a name puzzle stool. Like most parents, we were dealing with the everyday struggles of raising our wonderful child.

It all started when we were giving our daughter, Morgan, a bath. Tom sat on a plastic stool so he could wash her more easily, but eventually the stool gave out and broke. That’s what we get for trusting cheap plastic!

After a moment of “what do we do now,” a light bulb went off. A shiny, brand new CNC machine sat in our garage. With the right parameters, the machine could provide us the perfect replacement. The challenge was figuring out how.

How to Make a Name Puzzle Stool with the CNC Machine

CNC machines give craftsmen the benefit of computer technology. You can program a pattern into the machine’s controller and the machine will cut or form your chosen material into your chosen final result.

These machines manufacture all sorts of parts around the world. CNC machines can handle a wide variety of materials, as well, like aluminum, plastic, and – most importantly – wood.

One thing we love about the CNC machine is its precision. Not only does it handle the finest materials with ease, but we can do things we wouldn’t be able to do on another medium. It’s been a blessing to stumble upon CNC machining, because Craft Carve stools wouldn’t be what they are today with traditional woodworking.

What Makes Our Stools Special

CNC machining provides us the precision to add our beautiful name puzzle pieces to the top of every stool. It also gives us the ability to add our unique custom silhouettes to each leg, which is part of what sets Craft Carve apart from the rest.

Each of our stools are customizable and made to order. You, or that special child in your life, can choose from our library of silhouettes to make his/her stool uniquely theirs. From whales to alligators, to elephants and sailboats, there are a number of fun designs to choose from.

We also include a first-class custom name puzzle on the stool bench. Sure, other companies include this option, but you’ll notice a sharp decline in craftsmanship and quality with some of the mainstream brands. Most of these benches are mass-produced from particleboard or some other low-quality material.

Making puzzle stools out of these materials results in a product that doesn’t last long and breaks easily (Kind of like our scenario with Morgan during bath time). You’ll also get stools that may stay intact, but your puzzle letters won’t fit exactly.

For us, learning how to make a name puzzle stool on the CNC machine was the only way to go. The name puzzles on our benches are laser-cut so they always have a perfect fit. It also allows us to use the highest-quality wood so our Craft Carve stools end up lasting a lifetime.

The Journey Continues

We had no idea where learning how to make a name puzzle stool to replace Morgan’s would take us. It’s been a wild journey, but we went from making that first puzzle stool, to having 125 stools filling up our hallway, to renting a shop and sharing our stools with people throughout the country.

The whole process started with providing a stool for our family. Now, we’re excited to grow our Craft Carve family one customer at a time.

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