A Holiday Gift Guide for 2022: The Top 10 Memory-Making Gifts to Give Your Kids

The holidays are just around the corner! While there are some of us who finish our Christmas shopping in October, the majority of us are still browsing for what to buy. Some of us even browse all the way up until December 24th!

It's never fun being that last minute gift-buyer, so Craft Carve is here to help. Not only are we providing you a one-stop shop for 10 gift ideas, but these gifts are bound to be the talk of your holiday and make memories for years to come. 

But First, A Little Backstory

At Craft Carve, we're in the business of making high-quality children's puzzle stools. Over years of making our stools, we've become familiar with the children's toy and gift industry.

The list we're about to get into below is a list of 10 one-of-a-kind gifts hand-curated by our children's toy experts. Since our primary product is a puzzle name stool for toddlers, that's the demographic we know best. Each of the gift recommendations below will be for children within that same age range (2-5 years old).

Now, without further ado, here are our "top 10" holiday gift guide for 2022.

1. Stackable Peg Board by Skoolzy

This set of stackable pegs is hours of fun for that special child in your life. The bright colors and countless ways to stack them are enough to make this toy a favorite in your family. In fact, Skoolzy’s stackable peg board is something kids of all ages can enjoy.

Giving this gift means more than providing a child with a toy to play with. Parents are happy knowing their child not only has something fun, but that’s also building their mental and motor skills. And, with brightly-colored pegs, no one has to worry about losing pieces under the couch!

2. Stacking Wooden Robots by Schylling

As parents, we love a toy that lasts. These stackable wooden robots by Schylling do exactly that.

Schylling’s stackable robots interlock in a number of different ways, and at a number of different angles. The only limit to what your child can create is their imagination. You may purchase these when your child’s a young toddler, but most kinds wind up playing with them for years.

3. Jumbo USA Puzzle by MudPuppy

Puzzles have become a timeless holiday gift for children. This jumbo puzzle by MudPuppy takes the traditional puzzle and makes it even more fun.

The puzzle’s large-format pieces makes it easy for even your youngest “pups” to get involved. The pieces are brightly-colored and come together to make a cute illustrated map of the USA. Rolling out this puzzle is a great way to teach your kids geography while having some family fun.

4. Bugzzle by Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

Bugzzle is way more than your average jigsaw puzzle. It’s actually a pattern game known as a tangram. The goal of a tangram is to formulate different patterns using the puzzle’s geometric pieces. Each piece has a unique shape and size, but will eventually come together to make a recognizable pattern.

With Bugzzle, children pull a card and use the puzzle pieces to copy the pattern shown. That means every time you play, Bugzzle provides a different challenge. Take comfort in knowing your child is growing and learning as they complete their cute and cuddly Buggzles!

5. My Giant Busy Box by Alex Discover

Need to switch things up but still keep the fun-level high? The Giant Busy Box by Alex Discover may be just the thing.

The team at Alex Discover crams 16 DIY craft projects into one box full of imagination. Kids can use pieces like googly eyes, stickers, dough, and pipe cleaners to craft the cute, cuddly creatures seen on the box, or let your imagination run wild and create something no one’s ever seen before! What you make is entirely up to you.

6. Welcome to Jazz by Carolyn Sloan

Carolyn Sloan’s musical book, Welcome to Jazz, is the perfect gift for the little musician in your life. This story takes a rare look at jazz, America’s music, and provides kids with the signature sounds of an entire genre.

As you read with your little one, they can press buttons to hear the sounds of drums, clarinets, trumpets, tubas, and more. Welcome to Jazzalso includes When The Saints Go Marching In, a great American classic sure to have your children jumpin’ and boppin’ while sparking a love for music that could endure for a lifetime.

7. Dinosaur Escape by Peaceable Kingdom

As our kids get older, we can start to include them in more “grown-up” activity. While they’re only 2 or 3 years old, getting them to sit down for a board game is all but impossible, but as they reach 4 or 5, it may be the perfect way to spend a rainy weekend.

Dinosaur Escape is a fun and exciting children’s board game where dinosaur adventurers take a roll of the dice to decide their fate. The dice will either show numbers or a picture of a volcano. The numbers tell players how far they can move down the board, but if you roll a volcano, you have to add a piece to the volcano at the center of the board.

As we all know, volcanoes mean trouble for dinosaurs. The object of the game is for our adventurers to rescue all of the dinosaurs before all 5 pieces are added to the volcano.

8. Super Hero Buddy by Wonder Crew

Dolls and action figures are toys that last through the test of time. You might think there isn’t much room for dolls in the modern age of technology, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Childhood development experts are seeing a direct connection between play with dolls and a child’s social-emotional development. Wonder Crew is helping children through this important developmental stage with their Super Hero Buddy doll.

Each Super Hero Buddy comes with a costume, mask, and cape and a duplicate set designed to fit your own little super hero. These dolls also come in 4 different skin, eye, and hair color combinations so your child can match their Super Hero in every aspect. What may start out as a doll, could end up being a buddy for years to come.

9. Gears! Gears! Gears! by Learning Resources

This set of “mechanical” gears is the perfect toy to challenge your child’s imagination. Your child can snap the plastic gears together on their axels to create all sorts of structures.

Mechanical toys like these begin to teach your child how things work. As they build large structures with gears spinning in unison, they’ll start to grasp basic engineering and machining concepts.

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) toys like these are an important foundation for the skills needed for these jobs later in life. The world is struggling for talented STEM minds and who knows, this toy could be just the thing to set your child on this path for a lifetime.

10. A Custom Children’s Puzzle Stool by Craft Carve

Our final memory-making gift is one of our own – A custom children’s puzzle stool from the team here at Craft Carve.

Our stools come in 4 gorgeous wood-stained varieties or a beautiful white finish. Each stool is outfitted with your choice of animal silhouette for the legs and colorful puzzle letters for the name puzzle on the bench. Craft Carve stools can also accommodate up to 2 names of 8 letters or more.  

We’re proud of the time, energy, and love we put into every stool that we make. A custom children’s stool made of the highest-quality materials is a gift your child can enjoy for years and eventually hand down to their own children.

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

So, there you have it. Our holiday gift guide for 2022. Full of holiday gifts that are bound to make memories. There’s no need to wait until the last minute. This blog gives you everything you need to find the perfect gift for the little one in your life – whether that’s a child, godchild, niece, or nephew.

If nothing else, at least we’ve provided you with some inspiration. For even more gift-giving motivation, check out Wirecutter’s comprehensive list of 299 gifts for the kids in your life.

Thanks for reading and sticking around ‘til the end. Happy gift-giving and Happy Holidays from the Craft Carve family to yours.

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